Spirit of Gratitude:
Crises are Opportunities
Are you ready to turn your crisis into an opportunity?
In his hot off the press book, George Jerjian shows us how the numerous challenges, difficulties, and sufferings he faced in his life were transformed into something beautiful and powerful. His stories are captivating and engaging because he weaves storytelling and the science of personal development. Have you ever considered auditing your life?
Individuals who choose personal growth. The mystic Rumi once wrote, “Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today, I am wise, so I am changing myself.” Everything in our world is changing, and changing at a furious pace. We have little or no control over anything, except ourselves. We have the power to change ourselves for the better, for the gentler, for the smarter, for the stronger, and thereby make ourselves more joyful, and more adaptable to embrace the new world that is emerging.
The Spirit of Gratitude: Crisis are Opportunities will change your life into joy. It will change how you think, see, and feel about your challenges, difficulties, and misfortunes. It will encourage you to invest time in yourself, because you are worth it. So make each day count, because yesterday is gone, tomorrow may not be ours. All we have is NOW. Unlike money, “time” is not replaceable, so seize the day. Go order your copy NOW
"There are many gems in the book - including ideas to inspire and encouragement to persevere. This is not a book to skim, but one to relax with and to reflect on, in your own unique journey of discovery and desire."
Professor Sheila the Baroness Hollins
Professor of Psychiatry, University of London; cross bench life peer in the House of Lords, Westminster
Discover the power within you!
Enjoy many captivating stories.
Transform your difficulties into a joyful energy!
  • Gratitude is the key to a successful mindset
  • Gratitude opens up your life to joy
  • Gratitude promotes health and well being
 George Jerjian speaks with authority, because he speaks from experience – bitter experience, that
taught him gratitude, nevertheless. His Spirit of Gratitude is a valuable introduction to that genuine
gratefulness that is at its very core: Trust in Life.
Brother David Steindl-Rast, OSB
Author, Gratefulness, The Heart of Prayer, New York, USA
  Spirit of Gratitude is a deep and profound book clearly written from the Heart. This book is a testimony of strength, courage and faith and reinforces the power that gratitude brings to our lives. George’s ability to surpass obstacles and rise to his level of success is truly amazing. He has provided us with a beautiful tool to help us create the habit of focusing on the beauty in every day.
Peggy McColl,
New York Times Bestselling Author, Canada
 Using his gift as an entertaining storyteller, George shows us how his challenges pushed him to grow and prosper, and he invites us to seek the silver linings in our life challenges.
Thomas van Straubenzee MRICS
Partner, Head of Private Office, Knight Frank, London, UK
 Spirit of Gratitude is an absolute must read! George brilliantly articulates that whatever a person can possibly need or desire is already present in their lives; they just need faith to understand this.
Kevin E France
Managing Partner, Momentum Consulting Group, Inc. Dallas, Texas, USA
GEORGE JERJIAN graduated with a business degree from Bradford University in England (1973) and a master’s degree in Journalism from New York University (1993). He has worked as a Chartered Marketer for the past 40 years, as partner in a US commercial real estate venture for the last 30 years, as a writer of 10 books over the last 20 years, and as a speaker for the last 15 years, earning the Distinguished Toastmaster award in 2013. He now devotes his time to consulting, coaching, speaking and writing.
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